Lexis Brisbane – Friendship in the Air! – 12.04.2024

Last Friday, Lexis English Brisbane buzzed with excitement as students gathered for a special friendship-themed activity. The vibe was laid-back yet vibrant, creating the perfect atmosphere for a day of crafting and bonding!

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The activity of the day was friendship bracelet making, a classic favourite that never fails to bring people together. As students settled in, they found themselves surrounded by a colourful array of threads, beads, and charms — everything they needed to create heartfelt keepsakes for their friends.

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What started as a simple bracelet-making session quickly turned into a creative free-for-all. Students didn’t stop at bracelets; they ventured into crafting rings and necklaces, each piece infused with their personal touch and affection for their mates. Laughter went around the table, along with the clinks of beads (as they sometimes dropped!) and the creations came to life.

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What made the activity so delightful was the variety of designs and techniques on display. Some students went for bold rainbow colours, while others explored intricate patterns inspired by nature or their cultural backgrounds. Some bracelets featured names or initials, adding a personalised touch to the creations. Others embraced abstract forms, playing with textures and shapes to craft truly unique pieces.

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As the afternoon unfolded, it was clear that the activity was more than just about crafting—it was about connection and shared experiences. Students swapped stories, helped each other with tricky knots, and marvelled at each other’s creativity. The positive energy of the room was a joy to be in.

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Amidst the crafting and laughter, friendships were not just celebrated but strengthened. Bonds formed over shared passions for creativity and camaraderie. These moments are what make Lexis English Brisbane not just a school but a welcoming community—a place where friendships thrive and memories are made.

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Looking ahead, the excitement continues to build with upcoming adventures. A Lone Pine excursion promises a day immersed in nature’s beauty, while Laser tag adds a fun dose of competition. These experiences are opportunities for students to bond, laugh, and create lasting memories together.

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If you’re thinking about joining us at Lexis English Brisbane, we invite you to drop by and see for yourself. Chat with our friendly staff, meet our students, and experience the warm atmosphere that sets us apart. Discover why Lexis is more than just a place to learn—it’s a place where friendships blossom, and every day brings new opportunities for connection and growth. We can’t wait to welcome you into our exciting community!

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