Kimbob Korean Cooking

Today students gathered around in the kitchen to get a very special taste of traditional Korean recipe, ‘Kimbob’ prepared by our popular students, Melissa and Ross.

Korean Cooking And Ruben Going 013

Kimbob is similar to Japanese sushi.  Japanese tend to use raw fish as a base meat whereas Koreans sway to using beef and tuna fish.  The Kimbob we tried today was referred  to as ‘Cheese Kimbob’ because artistic chefs Melissa and Ross chose to add cheese singles into the Kimbob rolls.

It is important to remember to buy medium rice for this recipe and have a rolling mat handy to roll a perfect cylindrical Kimbob.

It was an overall success, very tasty and will be an excellent choice for your next dinner meal.

Thankyou Melissa and Ross.  Excellent work!

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