International Feast in Nashua

GV Byron Bay students got a taste of Italian, Korean, German, Spanish, Japanese and Aussie food when they had an international cooking feast at Sophie’s house in Nashua.

All the students were invited to a special cooking feast at Sophie’s house to learn to make dishes from all over the world.  Students of the same nationality formed groups to cook something traditional from their home country.  Everyone prepared the food at the house so you can imagine the fun that was had in the kitchen.  Every chopping board, knife, plate and bowl was in use and the smells wafting around the house were delicious! From sushi to paella, we had six countries dishes to taste and wow were they fantastic.  Sophie also added a touch of Australia with apple crumble for dessert.

After such a big lunch everyone went for a walk around the property to enjoy the views and see how some local produce grows.  They discovered macadamia, banana and guava trees, dragon fruit, tomatoes and enough basil to have every European salivating!  Check out the photos to see the amazing dishes that were created.

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