Happy Memories of GV Noosa

Bruna Ehnke from Brazil, who is now studying at Sunshine Coast TAFE in nearby Mooloolaba, recently returned to GV Noosa and was happy to share some great memories of her time with us.

Bruna (Centre, In White) And Friends At Gv Noosa
Bruna (centre, in white) and friends at GV Noosa

When I first came to Australia in 2005, I did not know what to expect and what would happen, but just a few days after I arrived here, I realised that it would be great.


I decided to come to Noosa the very first time I heard about here, and it was the best thing I could have done!

Noosa is just amazing! Wonderful beaches, the beautiful National Park, peaceful, quiet and exciting at the same time and there are a lot of things to do.

The wildlife here is beautiful and nobody believes me when I say that once there was a koala in my garden

There were no Brazilians here, so it was very good for my studies, as I had to speak English all the time.

The school is also great. I studied for ten months at GV Noosa, and each day I learnt and did something new. The teachers and staff are all so nice and always willing to help and answer our needs about studies or even problems we have outside the school. It may be a bit hard in the beginning, but it is so good when you realise how fast you can learn here and how much you can do by yourself.

The experience to live with an Australian family and have friends from the entire world was great, and that is why I decided to come back to do further studies here.

I have many friends that left GV Noosa to study in another school and they all came back, but I do not know anybody who came to Noosa and did not enjoy it, and the same happened to me. I have studied in a few schools here in Australia, but there is no school that I felt so well and happy, and that I have learnt more than in Global Village.

I have also travelled a lot in Australia and I loved all the places I have been, but there is no place that feels more like home than Noosa.

Bruna, Brazil

Note:  Bruna has a great youtube link out there, too – See it here


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