GV Kitchen Rules

In recent weeks students who have chosen the cooking option class as an elective have been brewing up a storm!

Students get to follow recipes from across the world to help them understand and use english grammar associated with cooking in the kitchen.

The best part of all is tasting the end results.  Here’s what some of our students had to say:

Erika:          Mmmm… Swiss quality.

Gianna:     The cooking class with Anne is every day funny.

Michele:    I like to cook many different meals.

Pedro:         It’s amazing learning different dishes from lots of countries.

Daniela:   The cooking class is good because we can learn about the culture of other countries.

Chris:         I think  it’s very good!

Fahad:      It was amazing.

Pedro:       The best class!

Elly:          Cooking class is the best option class.

Hoang:    I like cooking class.  Cooking is very good!

Maybe next time we get to decide whose kitchen rules?

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