Ammonite (MA15+)

FRI 8TH JAN 3:30pm [SNEAK]

SAT 9TH JAN 3:30pm [SNEAK]

SUN 10TH JAN 3:30pm [SNEAK]

Buddy Games (MA15+)

FRI 8TH JAN 12:00pm3:00pm6:00pm

SAT 9TH JAN 12:00pm3:00pm6:00pm

SUN 10TH JAN 12:00pm3:00pm6:00pm

Dragon Rider (PG)

FRI 8TH JAN 10:15am12:50pm

SAT 9TH JAN 10:15am12:50pm

SUN 10TH JAN 10:15am12:50pm

Dreambuilders (PG)

FRI 8TH JAN 10:00am1:45pm

SAT 9TH JAN 10:00am1:45pm

SUN 10TH JAN 10:00am1:45pm

How To Be A Good Wife (M)

FRI 8TH JAN 3:45pm

SAT 9TH JAN 3:45pm

SUN 10TH JAN 3:45pm

Maya the Bee: The Golden Orb (G)

FRI 8TH JAN 10:00am11:50am

SAT 9TH JAN 10:00am11:50am

SUN 10TH JAN 10:00am11:50am

Monster Hunter (M)

FRI 8TH JAN 8:20pm

SAT 9TH JAN 8:20pm

SUN 10TH JAN 8:20pm

My Salinger Year (M)

FRI 8TH JAN 1:30pm [SNEAK]6:00pm [SNEAK]

SAT 9TH JAN 1:30pm [SNEAK]6:00pm [SNEAK]

SUN 10TH JAN 1:30pm [SNEAK]6:00pm [SNEAK]

Nomadland (M)

FRI 8TH JAN 10:40am12:15pm2:40pm5:00pm7:30pm

SAT 9TH JAN 10:40am12:15pm2:40pm5:00pm7:30pm

SUN 10TH JAN 10:40am12:15pm2:40pm5:00pm7:30pm

Promising Young Woman (MA15+)

FRI 8TH JAN 12:00pm1:00pm2:20pm4:45pm7:20pm8:30pm

SAT 9TH JAN 12:00pm1:00pm2:20pm4:45pm7:20pm8:30pm

SUN 10TH JAN 12:00pm1:00pm2:20pm4:45pm7:20pm8:30pm

Summerland (PG)

FRI 8TH JAN 10:30am4:10pm8:00pm

SAT 9TH JAN 10:30am4:10pm8:00pm

SUN 10TH JAN 10:30am4:10pm8:00pm

The Croods 2: A New Age (PG)

FRI 8TH JAN 10:10am12:15pm3:45pm6:15pm

SAT 9TH JAN 10:10am12:15pm3:45pm6:15pm

SUN 10TH JAN 10:10am12:15pm3:45pm6:15pm

The Dry (MA15+)

FRI 8TH JAN 11:00am2:20pm4:45pm6:00pm7:15pm8:15pm

SAT 9TH JAN 11:00am2:20pm4:45pm6:00pm7:15pm8:15pm

SUN 10TH JAN 11:00am2:20pm4:45pm6:00pm7:15pm8:15pm

The War With Grandpa (PG)

FRI 8TH JAN 10:00am

SAT 9TH JAN 10:00am

SUN 10TH JAN 10:00am

The Witches (M)

FRI 8TH JAN 2:00pm

SAT 9TH JAN 2:00pm

SUN 10TH JAN 2:00pm

Wonder Woman 1984 (M)

FRI 8TH JAN 10:00am1:00pm4:00pm5:00pm7:00pm8:00pm

SAT 9TH JAN 10:00am1:00pm4:00pm5:00pm7:00pm8:00pm

SUN 10TH JAN 10:00am1:00pm4:00pm5:00pm7:00pm8:00pm

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