Byron Bay Kangaroo Beach Camping

Hey Legends

The weekend was brilliant, the students and guide had an amazing time at the Kangaroo Beach Campout. This little guy especially loved greeting the students as they arrived at camp.

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Mark even had help setting up the tents prior to the arrival of the students……

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This goon, Marky is the owner of Byron Bay Touring Co, he’s the one that makes this amazing weekend possible. I think he’s wrapping himself up in Christmas lights here…. not too sure why.. LOL 

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Nice photo bomb Kelly…..

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This crew were so lucky as they got to see not only kangaroos swimming in the surf, but emu’s….. you never see emus at the Kangaroo Campouts these days as they tend to keep to themselves but if you look closely in the next image you’ll spot them behind the fence.

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Beautiful Sunset over the ocean …. And early morning hung over walks to see the sunrise…. worth it once your’e there for sure ……. even with a hang over 

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The fire ban has been lifted, our very experienced guides cooked an Aussie BBQ feast, while the students hung out drinking and chilling…. under the stars…. 

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Thanks so much guys for all the pictures and for making it an amazing campout…. see you all in Noosa ….

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