Byron Bay – Graduation – 13 May 2022


Today we say farewell to six of our students: Teresa, Bruna, Maki, Lorenzo, Daiana and Jennifer



Teresa Graduation 1
Teresa(centre) with her Intermediate classmates



Teresa has been an extremely motivated and focused student who is graduating from her Upper-Intermediate class with Grade A – congratulations! Her teachers found she was engage and asked lots of questions to improve her grammar and speaking skills. We wish you the best in your future studies and luck with your new job – as you said today your journey with Australia is not over, it is only starting.



Grad 1
Bruna(far left) enjoying the ‘sushi’ shared by her class and Maki(far right)



Bruna was studying English in the Pre-Intermediate class for 4 weeks part-time and has made a lot of time to explore the region. She had perfect attendance and was diligent in her studies. Bruna participated enthusiastically and achieved great results during her time at Lexis Byron.



Grad 2
Lorenzo(centre) with Hikaru(L) and Shintaro(R)



Lorenzo has been student who made connections with all students and teachers he can into contact with. His teacher Paul says he can combine a serious approach to learning with a great sense of humor, which has proven to be a winning combination in his studies. He is moving to Brisbane next to explore farm work and enjoy the Australian climate a little longer before returning home to France.



Grad 3
Daiana with her Elementary class and teacher Serena



Daiana has been fun student to have at Lexis Byron. She has participated in her General English with enthusiasm and is excited to transfer to Lexis Sunshine Coast with her partner and continue travelling Australia. She speaks highly of her teachers Paul and Serena and enjoyed the activities and atmosphere in class. Serena said she was an inquisitive and hardworking student and a pleasure to teach.



Grad 4
Maki and Jennifer pictured on far left, sharing a farewell feast with their class



Maki arrived to Byron after transferring from Lexis Sydney and has made the most of her time here. Her progress has been consistent and she leaves the Pre-Intermediate class with Grade A and 3+ marks in Speaking and Reading. Maki has been a delight to have around, her bubbly personality has helped her make many friends and settle in quickly. As she is very happy here, she will continue to stay in Byron and live with friends near the beach.


Pre Intermediate Graduation 2
Teacher Paul(centre) and class with (L-R)Bruna, Jennifer, Lorenzo and Maki holding their graduating certificates.



Jennifer was with us for two short weeks and made great friends and memories at Lexis Byron. Her teacher Paul said that she made great improvements and valuable contributions for such a short time. She exits the her class with Grade A and received 4/3+ marks in speaking, listening and grammar which shows she is ready to progress to the Intermediate level when she revisits her studies. Great work!



Pre Int Party 3
Jennifer and Bruna setting up a very impressive spread


As there were four students exiting the Pre-Intermediate class, they decided to have a lunch party with music and shared meals that everyone brought in. It was great to see all of our students laughing and having fun together.


Grad 5



We wish all of our departing students well in the future studies and travels around Australia.



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