Byron Bay – Coffee Club! January 28th

Coffee Club ☕

It’s been a long weekend so Coffee Club today was one of the first activities at Lexis Byron Bay this week!

Img 1925

It was decided that it was too hot for the herbal teas, though the coffee was okay once it cooled down. They were made even better if it had chocolate on top!

Img 1924 E1580178229398

We also played 3 intense games of Uno! It’s awlays fun to laugh in the mornings. We also talked about our weekends, and all decided that it would be so lovely to be at the beach today 😎

Img 1926

As usual the Tim-Tams melted really quickly because of the heat. Despite that fact they didn’t last long at all.

Thanks for joining in! 

See you next week Monday at 2pm or Tuesday 11.30am for Coffee Club 😊

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