Noosa – A Slice of Fun: Students enjoy pizza trivia afternoon – 9th February

To celebrate National Pizza Day, students enjoyed a fun pizza trivia afternoon full of laughter and delicious pizza


At Lexis Noosa, education goes beyond textbooks and classrooms, and today our students experienced a unique blend of learning and enjoyment at our Pizza Trivia Afternoon for National Pizza Day! This fun-filled event brought students together for a delightful afternoon of delicious pizza and a pizza focused trivia.

Picture this – the smell of fresh pizza filling the air, a room buzzing with excitement, and students eagerly awaiting a one-of-a-kind trivia challenge. Our Pizza Trivia Afternoon was planned to be a casual yet engaging activity, providing a perfect opportunity for students to relax, bond, and showcase their pizza knowledge all while enjoying some delicious pizza to eat.


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After the students enjoyed their pizza, the trivia games began. Divided into teams of two, participants tackled a range of pizza-related questions, from the history of pizza to fun facts about toppings. Laughter and friendly banter filled the room as students put their pizza knowledge to the test. The competition fuelled team spirit, and everyone gave their best shot at answering the trivia questions. To add to the excitement, the winning team each received a gift voucher for the local cinema as a price. Well done girls!

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The Pizza Trivia Afternoon at Lexis Noosa was more than just an activity; it was a celebration of diversity, friendship, and the joy of learning in a relaxed setting. As students left the gathering with smiles on their faces, filled with delicious memories and newfound pizza trivia knowledge, we think we may have to repeat this activity sooner than waiting until next year’s National Pizza Day.


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