Want to be a model?

There will be a photo shoot for four students this Friday- 1 May – at GV Byron Bay

Dean Turner from Turnervisual http://www.turnervisual.com/ will be at GV Byron Bay at 2pm on Friday. The students who participate in the photo shoot will receive $45 per hour. So if you are interested please tell Dave Sinclair who is co-ordinating the session.

Besides the photo shoot this Friday Turnervisual is always looking for suitable models to appear in stock photographs. Applications are open to people of all races, gender and age. They require all types of people from all walks of life. Old, young, short, tall. Photographs taken are used for a variety of advertising purposes and are similar to those seen in mainstream brochures and catalogues. The photos above are all examples of stock photographs. There is no nudity and all sessions are conducted in good taste.

No formal model training or experience is required. As long as you have a positive and cooperative attitude, you will do well.

Sessions are organised on a flexible, casual basis, and can be done at times that suit you in most cases. A model release must be signed before a session. A minimum of 1 hour is needed for modeling and a typical session would last for 2 hours. They give plenty of notice if you are required for a shoot (usually at least 2 weeks).

So even if you don’t take part in the photo shoot on Friday why not register your interest with Dean Turner when he is at GV and you might find yourself on the cover of a magazine!

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