RSA and Barista Courses

RSA Courses


When looking for jobs, particularly within hospitality, you will probably have seen the acronym RSA. This stands for Responsible Service of Alcohol, which is required by law to work at any venue with a license to sell alcohol. This is throughout all of Australia and every state has their own so you must ensure you register for the correct one!

Some companies will let you apply for the job before you have the RSA, but you must be prepared to obtain it straight away should you be offered the job. It’s a good idea to mention to potential employers that you are aware of the RSA requirements and happy to complete the course should you be successful in your interview!

There are a number of websites where you can register online; this generally takes around 4 hours to complete.

The cost for the NSW Certificate is around $100. Here are some trusted websites where you can complete this:

Once you have your RSA add it to your CV, hospitality employees will look out for this!



Barista Courses


Most hospitality companies (cafes, restaurants…) who sell coffee will require you to have completed a Barista Course. You may get lucky and find one that trains you on the job, but otherwise here’s some websites for courses in Byron:

Also add this to your CV once completed as again hospitality employees will look out for this!


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