English + Demi-Pair

Demi-pairs provide 15 hours of childcare and home assistance in return for free accommodation and three meals per day. Typically, demi-pairs help around the house in the evenings and mornings and study at Lexis during the day. Weekends are free time to enjoy as you would like.


Different families have different requirements; some need more help with children, some with housework. We do our very best to find the best possible match for our demi-pairs and families! Whatever the case in your placement, Lexis and our partner demi-pair agency will make sure that you receive all the training and support you need to make the most of your time as a demi-pair.


The demi-pair program can be combined with any English or Training course at Lexis, either full or part time. To take part in the English + Demi-pair program, you will need at least an intermediate level of English.


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