Volleyball Play of the Day

Forget FIFA 2010.. GV Noosa volleyball was the game to watch today!

The shoes were off, the heads were steady and the arms up were up as the first serve flew over the net at the sand volleyball court at Koala Bar. The teams were Brazil versus the rest of the world. The Brazilian team had the natural skill whereas the rest of the world had the majority of men. What is the stronger element to lead a team to victory? Nationality or gender? The first game to 21 points was close with Brazil winning by just 2 points difference. The rest of the world was not happy and demanded a rematch. Brazil happily obliged. Being a little too confident Brazil was down, with the rest of the world almost double their points, yet somehow they managed to harvest the energy from the heart of Brazil to win the second game. So now we know, the stronger element is nationality over gender. But we have always known that, and that’s what we do here at GV Noosa, we encourage the bond between all nationalities and genders to create a Global Village right here in the heart of Noosa.

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