Upper Intermediate ‘SOAP OPERA’ competition

The Upper-Intermediate class had an interesting writing challenge last week. They were asked to write a plot for a soap opera, which involved eight characters. To reward their hard work I have decided to award the best team with a prize as well as award the writer of the best comment for each soap opera entry. So, take a few minutes to read them and submit a comment. Who knows, you may just win a prize.

Entry One:

It has been five years since Mark dissapeared. Alice, his fiance, has been waiting for him but she is starting to think is not worth it to keep waiting.
While Mark has dissapeared, things have changed a lot. His sister, Laura, got married with his worst ememy, Chris, and Samantha, his mother, is at death’s door one breath away from dying; when he left she was devastated. But recently, she met a very rich man, Richard, who has given her the love she lost when Mark dissapeared.
What Samantha doesn’t know is that Richard is pretending to be rich and wants to marry her so than he can kill her to keep her money. Furthermore he has an alliance with Chris who, one day, drugged Alice and sexualy abused her and so leaving her pregnant.
Two years have passed since Chris abused Alice, and now she has been living in a small town with Daniel, her son. When she got pregnant she decided to leave without an explanation, but it is time to return and tell everyone the truth. What Alice doesn’t know is that the love of her life, Mark, is about to come back and that he has been aware of every single detail.
When she is ready to leave and she opens her front door Mark was standing outside waiting for her, waiting to see her…
Now that she is with Daniel, will Mark understand her situation and stay with her and with Daniel?
Will he tell his mother that he discovered that Richard was the one who tried to kill him?
Will he solve the problems of his family and build a happy ever after for everyone?

Entry Two:

Mark and Laura are a married couple and have a five years old child named Sally-Ann. Mark is from a very rich family and heir to a big fortune. His father,Richard, is an owner an important company. He has a mistress named Alice and they have a one year old boy named Daniel. Laura, Mark’s wife, has just found out that her husband is having an extra maridar affair and has a baby with that woman Laura had a big argument with Mark. Two days ago about his affair and decided to break up. Mark  has just talked to Alice about that. Alice, a very hot sexy and ambitious woman, is now talking to her mum Samantha and is explaining what Mark has just said about Laura’s threat, so she promised to kill Alice. Samantha, a very ambitious and smart woman, whose boy friend is an adventurous and young named Chris, pacifies her daughter telling her about her plan to take Laura and Sally-Ann out from their way. Samantha will hire Chris to kidnap Sally-Ann and sell her as an orphan somewhere overseas. Laura will be killed and her body won’t be ever found and then the way will be clear for Alice to marry Mark and then all of them, Samantha, Alice and Chris, having all their financial problems solved forever, will be able to enjoy a wealthy life style.


Guess what will happen next?

 Entry Three:



Family Ties is a story about a very rich and powerful family (The Smiths) in the town of Caloundra. Mr. Richard Smith (55) is the CEO of one of the most important and successful fishing companies based in Australia, who has been married to Mrs. Samantha Smith (50) for about 30 years. They have a daughter named Laura (25), the typical next-door girl, who is married to Mark (30), a very ambitious and unscrupulous man, that got married to Laura just because of her money and family fortune and who has been trying desperately to advance positions at the Smith’s company with only one goal in mind: the CEO. The young couple has two children, Sally-Ann (5) and little Daniel (2) who are Richard and Samantha’s weakness and the only reason for them not to kick Mark out of their house, for they have never agreed with Laura’s marriage. Mark knows that very well and takes advantage of this fact every time he can to get what he wants, threatening the Smiths to take his wife and children away and never come back.


At home, things seem to be quiet and humdrum. However, behind this relative peace and quietness an underground affair between Mark and Alice (30), the nanny, takes place. She is a very opportunistic and envious person who is jealous of Laura’s life. Alice won’t waste any chance to hassle and annoy Laura, and won’t stop until she gets the life she thinks she deserves. They both join powers to carry out a wicked plan: To kill Laura and take over the company and the money. The plan is set to shoot dead Laura during her parents’ holiday at Fuji and make it look as if she has been kidnapped and then shot by the kidnappers in an attempt to escape. The body would be then abandoned in a lonely area in the country. To avoid witnesses, they send all the mansion staff on holiday so there is no one who can interfere with their plan. When the opportunity finally comes, and just when they think everything is going to be perfect, an unexpected witness comes onto the scene. Chris (27), the maid’s son, who’s also the gardener, has to come back to pick up some stuff he has forgotten before going to his home town. Accidentally, he hears a quarrel between Mark, Laura and Alice in which Mark reveals all his and Alice’s intentions about the Smith’s fortune and company. Chris secretly then hides and sees Mark shooting Laura. The body is taken to Laura’s car by Alice and Mark, and then they both drive away to get rid of the body. Chris, who has always had feelings for Laura, shocked by this tragedy, decides to grab his old bicycle and follow them to find out what they are going to do with the body. When he gets there, he sees Mark setting the car on fire and running away with Alice. Desperately, he manages to get the body out of the car before exploding and to his amusement, he notices that there’s still a weak pulse realizing that Laura is still alive. He takes Laura to a shaman friend who treats her wounds and helps her recover.


Meanwhile, at the mansion, Mark and Alice arrange everything to make it look according to the plan. Immediately, they phone Mr. and Mrs. Smith to tell them the tragic news, forcing them to come back. A few weeks later and due to the grief, Richard leaves Mark in charge of the company while is away with his wife, and so helping Mark to achieve what he has always wanted. Being the acting CEO in charge gives Mark the opportunity to move vast amounts of money to his accomplice’s private account at Caiman Islands, embezzling from the company. In the meantime, Laura recovers completely from her injuries and plans to hide for a while whilst she is able to gather all the evidence she needs to send Mark and Alice to jail for their crimes. To do that, she changes her appearance and plans to work at her father’s company under another identity.


Do you think Laura will be able to carry out her plan without being uncovered? Do you think that Mark and the nanny will get away with it? Will Chris have the chance to tell Laura about his feelings for her? Don’t miss another episode of Family Ties… Stay tune!!!


Note: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are the product of the authors’ imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events or locales is entirely coincidental.


Copyrighted, 06/02/09

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