Top Cambridge results….and a repeat offender!

Guilherme  is something of a professional Cambridge student…after taking and passing the FCE and the CAE he is signing up for CPE.

Becky 030

Guilherme may be the first student to sign up for three consecutive Cambridge courses but he wont be the last.  So, what’s the story……?

What do you think are the strengths of the Cambridge courses at GV Noosa?

Firstly the teaching; you have a really wonderful team who are not only experienced but really seem to care about their students. The lessons are very intensive but they still make them fun and they are always willing to spend extra time with you. Secondly, the program; your class teacher is there for you even in the self study time but there are still lots of fun activities so that it doesn’t become too stressful. We love it when the teachers come out and party with us also.

What activities do you enjoy the most?

Student pub night every Thursday is fun, although studying with a hangover the next day isn’t! When the surf is up it is great to go in the ocean before school, the beaches here are so beautiful.

Any other comments?

I was so happy that all the Brazilians passed their exams. I heard that for FCE all the Swiss passed also. We were always teasing each other so it is pretty cool. I also heard that everyone passed BEC Vantage. There will be a lot of happy people out there right now.

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