The Lexis Burger

Cooking.jpg   This cooking class look like they had a lot of fun! Where was my Lexis Burger?!

Recipe #1


– 200G beet meat             – 2 onions – 2 eggs                            – 1 piece Parmesan cheese – Hamburger buns            – natural yogurt – mustard                         -lettuce


1. Chop the onion and combine it with meat and eggs

2. Slice tomatoes and an onion

3. Make a dressing by mixing natural yogurt lemon juice  and mustard.

4. We fried the hamburger and  toasted the hamburger buns.

5. Put the hamburger and salad on the buns and covered the with the natural dressing.

  It is healthy burger. because we didn’t put salt and the dressing is made of natural yogurt, lemon juice and mustard. We also used lean fat meat.

Recipe #2

Rice meets Beef Hamburger


– rice – 3 cups                       – mince – 300g

– lettuce – 6 pieces               – tomato – one – onions – 1/2

– carrots – 1/3                        – eggs – 4

– BBQ sauce – suitable amount                – mayonnaise

– oil – suitable amount


1. Cut tomatoes and chop onions and carrots

2. Mix meat mince and onions and carrots and one egg

3. Form meat and rice into a patty shape (when you form rice into a patty shape, you should wet your hands little bit.)

4. Fried rice , meat and eggs

5. Put meat, lettuce, tomatoes, eggs on the bun and finally put on the rice.

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