Table Tennis! 15 February

We held our monthly Table Tennis Tournament on Wednesday!

The tournament started with sixteen competitors in the first round:

Bruno VS Lear: Lear

Laura VS Maxime: Maxime 

Roman VS Iker: Roman

Adrian VS Oscar: Oscar

Sam VS Raphael: Raphael

Tito VS Gaetan: Tito

Pol VS Jenny: Pol

Danny VS Nil: Danny

Onto the second round, the winners then making it through to the semi-finals were:

Lear VS Maxime: Maxime

Roman VS Oscar: Roman

Raphael VS Tito: Raphael

Pol VS Danny: Danny

The competition was tough but winners of the semi-finals were:

Maxime VS Roman: Roman

Raphael VS Danny: Danny

It was a tense final with both boys playing superbly, but there could only be one winner…………..

Well done Roman, you are February’s Table Tennis Champion!!!


Enjoy your beers 🙂

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