Sydney – Valentines day speed chatting – 14 February 2024

Celebrating love and friendship on Valentines Day: Our students got to know each other better in a fun speed chatting activity!

Valentines Day Speed Chatting

Nowadays Valentines Day has become a commercial celebration of romantic love – but we believe love has many layers and not all of them are romantic. You can fall in love with a country, appreciate the love to your friends or just feel the same warm happy feeling of pure joy over your passions. To get to know one another better and find out what they love our students gathered for a fun speed chatting today.

Over the past weeks, all classes have prepared individual questions, that gave our students the chance to practice their speaking and listening skills, while getting to know students from other classes.
All classes gathered for this fun activity with the elementary classes going first, followed by all pre-intermediate classes, intermediate and finally the upper intermediate and advanced classes together. Talking to students of the same level, is a great opportunity to practice without being overwhelmed or challenged too much.

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New students quickly form friendships within their classmates, as they spent every day together but making connections to other students on campus can be difficult for some. Speed chatting is a great way to not only practice the own skills, but also connect with new students and form friendships, because studying at Lexis Manly is about more than just improving your English skills.

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 They started off with their prepared questions, but soon came into a natural conversation and discovered similarities. After a couple of minutes the bell rang and they moved on to a new conversation partner and got to meet a lot of different students during the half an hour of speed chatting. It was great to see our students chatting away, regardless of an outgoing or shy personality. They are all incredible brave for coming overseas on their own, without their family or friends, surrounded by a new language and culture. Today was a great opportunity to help everyone settle in and support the Lexis Manly family to grow even closer together. The campus was filled with vibrant laughter and chatting, plans to hang out were made and the soft beginnings of new friendships formed.

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Happy Valentines Day and thank you to everyone for joining this social activity!


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