Sydney – Happy Halloween Party, 28 October 2022

Halloween Party Craft really set the scene at this year’s event. Our Halloween Crafters got busy in the Student Lounge making paper garlands and decorations a week before. They upcycled a lot of waste materials, making lots of good stuff from basic materials, which the staff really LOVED.

The crafters used tape recorder ribbon, old newspaper, magazine pages and felt pens to create ghosts, bats and spiders. When the students decorated the college, the vibe was decidedly spooky.

4 Images Showing Lexis Sydney Halloween Crafters Gathered At A Table In The Student Lounge Making Upcycled Halloween Decorations With Paper And Markers And Other Crafting Materials. Then They Decorate The Stairway And Reception Desk.

Lexis Sydney teachers help set the tone on party night

Lexis Sydney Teachers Stand At Reception To Welcome Guests To The Halloween Party Wearing Spooky Black Costumes And Make Up.

On party night, the Lexis Sydney teachers helped to set the tone. They gathered to welcome the arriving guests at Reception. What a shame a Lexis Homestay Host or Agent didn’t drop by for an impromptu inspection of the college (as they sometimes do). The dress code would have impressed!

Lexis Sydney gallery of ghouls – finalists in the best dressed awards

Costumes weren’t limited to witches and vampires. A couple of Santas showed up, an American Indian Chief, cowgirls and a cowboy. Two very glamorous roller-derby types with high bling wigs added a bit of sparkle. There were some horned devils, a dude in a toga, a creepy looking clown, and two police women escorting a jailbird in an orange jumpsuit. Plus a cyclops – at least we think it was a cyclops. You decide.

Lexis Sydney Students Dressed As A Cowboy,Cowgirl And Clown Looking Serious For The Camera :)

4 Female Students From Lexis Sydney In Fancy Dress Costume For Halloween 2022. Two Police Women, A Prisoner In An Orange Jump Suit And A Cyclopse!

Coupel Dressed As An Indian Chief And A Cowgirl Wearing Fabulous Headwear For The Lexis Sydney Halloween Party 2022

Glossy Blue And Purple Wigs Brighten Up The Halloween Party Costumes At Lexis Sydney - 2022.
Bringing some colourful hair bling to the party
Lexis Sydney Students And Teacher Wear Sparkly Red Horns For The 2022 Halloween Party
Showing their horns

Halloween vocabulary tips

Here’s a few words and phrases from this Halloween blog post that students may not be familiar with:

  • Halloween Crafters: Crafter is a noun which describes a person who makes things by hand. Crafters is the plural. Halloween Crafters are people who make Halloween related items
  • Vibe: A slang word used to describe a feeling or atmosphere. The vibe at the party was great! The students had so much fun.
  • Paper garlands: Strings of decorations made from paper. Did you see the paper garlands hanging in the stairway of Lexis Sydney?
  • Upcycle: Upcycle is a verb used to describe the reuse of something which has been discarded. The Halloween Crafters made good use of the old newspaper – they upcycled it into paper garlands for the stairway. The world needs imaginative people who can upcycle the things that many people discard/throw away.
  • Spooky: An adjective used in informal English to describe a ghostly atmosphere or feeling. That old empty house is spooky at night!
  • Impromptu: An adjective used in formal English to describe something unplanned or sudden. An impromptu gathering of people turned into a party.
  • Witch: Hermione Granger, the witch, is one of Harry Potter’s best friends. She’s good at casting spells because of her excellent pronunciation skills.
  • Vampire: A vampire is a noun used to describe a blood sucking creature. Bram Stoker wrote a famous book about a frightening vampire called Dracula.
  • Roller-derby: A type of speed skating race done on roller skates.
  • Bling: An informal word used to describe something bright and shiny.
  • Jailbird: A slang word which means prisoner. He went to prison so many times that he became known as jailbird.

The Words Ghosts, Bats And Spiders With Illustrations To Match

A Graphic To Explain The Words Horned Devils And Cyclops

Two special students

Aside from prizes for the best costumes, a couple of appreciation certificates were presented to two very special students!

Appreciation Certificates For Two Special Lexis Sydney Students

Ana’s creativity was evident all around the college with her interior design touches for creepy decor and Tomo got a belated award for this amazing video which he put together a few weeks ago at the Lexis’s Got Talent Show.

A special mention goes to Lexis Sydney graduate, Kodai Shirai. Kodai filmed our Halloween Party – we spotted it on his Instagram page. Take a look! 

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Lexis English 2023 Brochure - Students Relaxing In A Park By The Sea

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