Sydney – Kudos to our 34 amazing graduates – 11 August 2023

Today we are celebrating 34 graduates and course finishers at Lexis Manly.

Manly Graduates

We celebrated one of our biggest graduation celebrations down on the beach front, since over 30 students had their last day with the Lexis Manly family. All day was dominated by a vibrant atmosphere and the students couldn’t wait to gather and celebrate our graduates. We are always sad to see students leave, but seeing how emotional the graduates and their classmates get shows how strong of a bond they have formed and reminds us of all the great memories they have made.

Our TAP (Teenage activity program) has come to an end, so we had to say farewell to our lovely junior students.
It was a pleasure having a group of young students around campus who are as curious and joyful as this group. They spread so much happiness around campus, made an effort to meet the other students and grew into this fun TAP family. We have loved seeing you make the most of everyday and enjoy the various activities from surfing to the blue mountains. Congratulations on your hard work and amazing English progress!

Tap Graduates
Our TAP students will be missed dearly around campus!

Unfortunately the time at Lexis also comes to an end for 14 General English students, most of them were with us for at least 6 month which makes it harder to see them go. We have shared some great memories with each and everyone and we are very grateful that today’s graduates chose us to support their individual English language journey. Thank you to Luisa, Fabio, Ruzimurod, Ranata, Alfredo, Nao, Daniel, Mikoto, Asaka, Miyu, Shigeaki, Kensuke, Sarasa and Oceane for your hard work and dedication while forming friendships and sharing laughs with your classmates, teachers and our Lexis Manly team. You all have been wonderful to get to know and we wish you all the best for your bright future!

Photo 2023 08 11 13 11 48 E1691987085822
Asaka, Miyu, Shigeaki with their teacher Agustina
Kensuke With His Teacher Ari
Kensuke with his teacher Ari
Photo 2023 08 11 13 08 04 E1691987074197
Sarasa and Mikoto with their teacher Dona
Photo 2023 08 11 13 07 37 E1691987056396
Luisa with her teacher Geovane
Photo 2023 08 11 13 17 33 E1691987065937
Oceane with her teachers Sam, Ari, Mac and Geovane

Our congratulations go to:

IELTS preparation course finishers:

  • Oceane Marcovici

General English graduates

  • Advanced: Daniel Ernesto Ortiz Moreno, Ruzimurod Akhmatov
  • Upper-Intermediate: Kensuke Torita, Nao Kaneura, Fabio Matias Fagundes Chagas
  • Intermediate: Renata Scherer, Luisa Fernanda Soriano Martinez
  • Pre-Intermediate: Sarasa Oda, Shigeaki Jinno, Miyu Yoshida, Asaka Mori, Mikoto Miyakawa, Alfredo Ancheyta Benitez

TAP graduates

  • Ami Gyotoku, Mitsuki Kunieda, Yuuri Takayama, Junya Okumura, Kazuki Takebe, Yui Otsubo, Yuma Hayashi, Danto Matsuno, Yui Ohara, Ritsu Fukaya, Tilo Mathier, Momoka Fukue, Hana Takehisa, Shimon Oku, Kristina Lobenstein, Mana Rikitoku, Kurara Iso, Margarida Faria de Azevedo, Shengao Wang.


All the best to our graduates from Lexis Manly!


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