Sydney – Fun graduation by the beach – 15 September 2023

Today we are celebrating our 10 amazing graduates and course finishers at Lexis Manly.


Today we celebrated the hard work of our 10 graduates: Rose Mary, Dorian, Yumeho, Kasumi, Amelie, Yalun, Agostina, Karla, Gabriel and Diego. Everyone gathered on the beach front to wish them farewell and enjoy a last day filled with fun and laughter. We are proud of the amazing progress all students have made over the past 4-48 weeks. We had a great afternoon by the beach and made sure the last day for our graduates is unforgettable!

It was lovely having you all as part of our Lexis Manly family, we know bright futures are waiting for all of our graduates. Well done everyone!

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Yumeho is only 17 years old and spent her school holidays with us. Not only is she a brave and hard working student, Yumeho is also ambitious and works towards all her goals with joy and excitement. It was great having her with us and we hope the memory of her lost phone in the ocean doesn’t outweigh all the friendships she has formed and amazing memories she made. All the best for your last year of high school back in Japan!

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Rose Mary with her teacher Nat

Rose Mary was only with us for 10 weeks, but we can barely remember the campus without her. She has made a great impact on the entire Lexis team. Her stories and experience amazed all of us and we enjoyed our daily chats with the student. Her teacher said she was impressed with her fast progress, but Rose Mary seems to have a real talent for languages – giving that she can speak and understand five of them. We wish you all the best and admire your curiosity and drive!

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Dorian with his teacher Agustina

After only 5 weeks with us, Dorian became one of our most popular students. His humor and stories were appreciated by all his classmates and will surely be missed. He didn’t only spread joy around campus but also his host family said Dorian was amazing to have around. We are convinced you will make many more friends during your travels and create amazing memories. You will be missed!

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Yalun with her teachers Mick and Nat

After 1 year we have to say goodbye to Yalun. An incredibly hard working student who embraced this experience to the fullest. She has started off in a pre-intermediate class and is graduating from an IELTS preparation course today. She has made many friends over the past year and always welcomed the new starters with open arms. We are glad to hear that she is already planning on her next visa and staying in Australia, after a short trip home to China. We had an amazing year with you Yalun, all the best!

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Congratulations to our graduates!

Our congratulations go to:

General English graduates

  • IELTS preparation -Yalun Tong
  • Advanced – Diego Rodriguez Valdivieso
  • Upper-Intermediate – Kasumi Shimakura, Amelie Luisa Langhop, Gabriel de Andrade Amaral
  • Intermediate – Yumeho Matsuno
  • Pre-Intermediate – Dorian Heierli, Karla Marques Carneiro
  • Elementary – Rose Mary Osorio Freitas de Souza, Agostina Josefa Nerea


All the best to our graduates from Lexis Manly!


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