Sydney – Fun Australia Quiz – 1 June 2023

How well do our students know Australia? Today they tested their knowledge in a fun Aussie quiz!

Australia Quiz At Lexis Manly

Today our elementary and pre-intermediate students tested their knowledge and learned new facts about our beautiful Australia. All students showed how well prepared they came to this country and scored high results, but there can only be one winner: Team Kangaroo. Congratulations!

Some of our quiz questions to test your knowledge:
1) What is the capital of Australia?

Quiz Answer
Canberra, Australia’s capital

2) What are the “three sisters” and where can you find them?

Three Sisters Scaled E1685590198820
The “Three Sisters” are an unusual rock formation in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales

3) What do the colours on the aboriginal flag represent?

Quiz Answer
Black: skin, red: desert, yellow: sun

4) What is this animal called?

Quiz Answer
The platypus is an Australian native

Our students had so much fun guessing – it was great to see the teamwork and the students encouraging each other to practice their English. Take a look at the fun session and our winners:

Winner E1685590767927
Our Aussie quiz winner!
Second Place E1685590820671
Today’s close second place

4 Scaled E1685590890699

Teaser E1685590963590
Thank you to our teacher Nat for this fun afternoon

Thank you to everyone who joined the Lexis Manly Aussie quiz!


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