Sydney – Awesome Aussie Tasting – 4 July 2024

Exploring the land down under: Aussie tasting adventure at Lexis Manly!

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Our students Chihiro and Nana enjoying their Aussie VB’s while taking in the beautiful view of Manly Beach!

At Lexis Manly, we believe in providing our students with unique and enriching experiences that extend beyond the classroom. Recently our students participated in an epic Aussie Tasting at Lexis Manly. What a journey it was! From the iconic to the unexpected, we explored a world of flavours that truly captured the essence of Australia. Let’s relive the experience and share some of our favourite moments and discoveries.Whatsapp Image 2024 07 04 At 4.50.45 Pm E1720493582517

Embracing Aussie Cuisine:

Our Aussie Tasting presented a unique opportunity to savour the diverse and vibrant food culture of the land down under. From the iconic vegemite sandwiches to the yummy Tim-tams, our students truly embraced the experience and loved tasting the different snacks and drinks. They not only expanded their culinary horizons but also gained insights into the customs, and the ‘Aussie’ way of life.

Our students truly embraced this activity and loved learning about all the different foods on display. We had an array of food for our students to try including: Tim-tams, Lamingtons, the classic ‘VB’ beer, an array of Australian lollies such as Snakes and Red Frogs, Vegemite on toast, Fairy Bread, and many more.Whatsapp Image 2024 07 04 At 4.50.50 Pm 7 1 E1720501618230Whatsapp Image 2024 07 04 At 4.50.45 Pm 1 E1720500580580


Practicing English skills: 

Participating in our Aussie Tasting, provides an excellent opportunity for our students to practice and enhance English language skills in a dynamic and immersive environment. From communicating and collaborating with classmates and discussing culinary techniques, every aspect of this activity offers a chance to engage with the English language. Moreover, discussing food preferences and describing the flavours and textures of different dishes allows students to express themselves fluently and confidently.Whatsapp Image 2024 07 04 At 4.50.50 Pm 9 E1720493538585

Making memories:

In our Aussie Tasting, students don’t just taste new food – they created lasting memories that nourish the soul. From the laughter shared to the sense of achievement, every moment in the class became a cherished memory.  These shared moments foster camaraderie and friendship, as students bond over their love for food and the joy of creating something together. Our students were able to make connections that extend beyond the class, forming lasting memories.Whatsapp Image 2024 07 04 At 4.50.50 Pm 6 E1720493895245Whatsapp Image 2024 07 04 At 4.50.50 Pm 2 E1720493839898Whatsapp Image 2024 07 04 At 4.50.50 Pm 13 E1720493938917Whatsapp Image 2024 07 04 At 4.50.50 Pm 20 1 E1720494049227Whatsapp Image 2024 07 04 At 4.50.50 Pm 10 E1720494014400

Whatsapp Image 2024 07 04 At 4.50.50 Pm 19 E1720500951308

Whatsapp Image 2024 07 04 At 4.50.45 Pm 4 1 E1720494196409Whatsapp Image 2024 07 04 At 4.50.50 Pm 4 E1720494089204

Whatsapp Image 2024 07 04 At 4.50.50 Pm 11 E1720494265405

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Thank you to everyone who joined this amazing activity!


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