Sunshine Coast – Student of the Month, Momoko – 21 February


Momoko is one of our students at Lexis Sunshine Coast. She is our student of the month. Today we interviewed her to find out more about her life in Australia.



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Momoko is in the Elementary class and this interview is written in her words.


Momoko, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Momoko Tanka. I’m from Kanagawa prefecture in Japan. My hobby is photography. I often take pictures of food, and then I post these pictures in Instagram.

Why did you decide to come to Australia? 

When I was high school student, I went to Sydney on high school trip. Australia is beautiful and I felt I want to come again, and Australians are very kind. When I worked at the hospital, many English speakers visited. However, I felt very frustrated because I couldn’t speak English. Therefore, I decided to study aboard.


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What do you like to do in your free time on Sunshine Coast?

I often go to Cotton Tree Beach. I swam and slept on the beach with my friend on the beach with my friend and on the weekends, I have a barbecue with my friends from school. Everyone brings their own food and gathers at the BBQ tables at Cotton Tree Park. Grill and eat meat, talk and dance.

Tell us about your teacher at Lexis. 

My teacher is Vicki. My class is Elementary. Vicki has long white hair. She looks very cute. She is from Sydney. My teacher Vicki is a very cute teacher and very kind. When I didn’t understand, she spoke slowly. Vicki understands my poor English and listens to me a lot. I’m glad.



Do you go to our activities and workshops? Tell us what you like the most about the activities and workshops. 

Yes, I do. I participates in most of the workshops because I want to learn more than just class, and then sometimes I went to the activities. My favorite workshop is pronunciation workshop. For me, practicing pronunciation is very important.

Tell us about your host family. 

My host family has one host mother and one host sister. Our host mother is very kind and takes care of us a lot. She is good at cooking. She cooks delicious food every day. Also, she spends her days watching movies. I sometimes watch them too.

What are you going to do after you finish your course in Lexis?

I often go to workshops and then I’m staying at school and studying with friends. I sometimes go to Sunshine Plaza to talk and shopping with my friend. I also often go to Cotton Tree Beach. When I study after school, my schoolteachers and receptionists accompany me as I study.






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