Sunshine Coast – Stand Up Paddle – 6 December

Today we had an amazing time at Cotton Tree practicing our Stand-Up Paddle technique!

Stand Up Paddle Cotton Tree 2

Practicing stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is not only a great way to enjoy the water but also an excellent way to improve your balance, core strength, and overall fitness. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, here’s a guide on practicing stand-up paddleboarding:

1. Getting Started:

  • Choose the Right Board: Start with a stable and wide board, especially if you are a beginner. As you gain confidence and skill, you can progress to narrower boards designed for specific activities like surfing or racing.
  • Use the Right Paddle: Select a paddle that suits your height. A properly sized paddle enhances efficiency and reduces the risk of overreaching or leaning too far.

2. Mastering the Basics:

  • Balancing on the Board: Start in calm, flat waters to practice balancing on the board. Stand with your feet parallel and shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent. Keep your gaze on the horizon to maintain balance.
  • Paddle Technique: Learn the proper paddling technique. Reach forward with the paddle, submerge it in the water, and pull it back alongside the board. Switch sides regularly to maintain a straight course.

3. Progressing Skills:

  • Turning and Maneuvering: Practice turning the board by paddling on one side more than the other. To pivot, take a few strokes on one side and then switch to the opposite side.
  • Navigating Different Waters: Gradually progress to different water conditions, such as small waves or gentle currents. This helps you develop adaptability and confidence.

4. Core Workouts and Fitness:

  • Engage Your Core: SUP engages your core muscles for balance and stability. As you progress, challenge yourself with exercises like squats, lunges, or yoga poses on the board.
  • Interval Training: Incorporate interval paddling sessions to boost cardiovascular fitness. Paddle at a higher intensity for short bursts, followed by periods of lower intensity.

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