Sunshine Coast – Pretty Pottery & Clay making! – 16 March

This week, our students have been busy doing pottery & clay making!

Rainy day? No worries! Let’s bring out our inner artist 🎨 👩‍🎨

Img 5024

The students tried their hand at pottery this week! We started with 300g each of Air-dry Clay. The students prepared the clay by kneading it until it was soft and smooth. This is called “conditioning”, which makes the clay pliable and easier to shape.

Img 5028

The students had a few tools on their tables which included a rolling pin, texturisers, loop/ribbon tools, scrapers & hobby knives.


Img 5042

As there’s no baking or firing once your clay piece is finished, the students left their hard work out to harden in the air. Air dry clay is a fine, natural earth clay that dries hard without baking, making it perfect for a rainy day activity. Once dry, the students got the opportunity to add the finishing touches by painting or decorating it.

Img 5110

After allowing it to dry for a few days…. the students finally got to paint!!

Img 5112

Pottery has been a fun & creative experience that the students have enjoyed very much!

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