Sunshine Coast – Happy Graduation! – 28 April

Today we congratulated 12 of our students on their graduation!

Today we congratulated 12 of our students on their graduation, and wished them good luck with their travels! We know we are going to deeply miss these students, and wish them all well with their travels back home, and around Australia!

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Rafael: Rafa has been an amazing addition to the afternoon intermediate class. We will all miss his beautiful personality that lights up the room. He has worked hard, and dedicated himself to learning & improving his English. We wish you all the best with your future in Australia!

Cheyenne: Cheyenne is graduating from our Cambridge course, she has pushed to improve her skills here at Lexis and we have loved watching her confidence blossom. We know she is going to continue to build on her skills back home in Switzerland! We will miss you Cheyenne, keep shining bright!

Martin: Martin is graduating from our Upper Intermediate class after spending 40 weeks at Lexis! We’ve watched his English improve dramatically, and we hope he will continue to practice what he has learned in the future!

Thawinkiat: After only 2 short weeks in our IELTS preparation class, Far has been able to demonstrate her skills & build upon an already solid foundational knowledge of English. We wish her good luck with everything she hopes to achieve in the future!

Gen: Gen has been with us for 8 weeks and is graduating from our Upper Intermediate class. We will miss his calm, and gentle nature around the campus & wish him safe travels on his way to Byron Bay! We can’t wait to hear about your travels when you return to the Sunshine Coast, Gen!

Mai: Mai has worked hard in Elementary in her 8 weeks at Lexis & the proof is in the pudding! Her English skills & confidence have increased and we love seeing her practice speaking English at every opportunity she gets. Keep up the amazing work Mai & good luck with everything! We will miss you!

Takeru: Takeru has been with us for 12 weeks and graduates from the Pre Intermediate class. He has improved his skills & we wish him the best with everything!

Moe: Moe graduates from our intermediate class after only 2 weeks here at Lexis! All the best with your future goals!

Alessia: Alessia graduates from our Cambridge Advanced class & has worked very hard during her time at Lexis. She has expanded her vocabulary significantly. We know she’s excited to get home to her family and friends but we will miss her deeply!

Neide: Neide has been a very dedicated student in the Pre Intermediate class. She has achieved all the goals she has set out for herself. Neide we will miss your kind & caring nature on level 6. Safe travels!

Ignacio:  Ignacio graduates from the IELTS class, he has shown lots of dedication & has improved upon all areas of his skill set. We wish you the best with your future Ignacio, safe travels!

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