Sunshine Coast – Graduation – 23 September

Today is our graduation day and we are saying goodbye to Yumiko, Fuko, Jeniffer and Akane.



Akane is graduating from our Pre-Intermediate class. She is going to find a job on a farm, picking and packing fruit.  We wish her the best. Good luck Akane, we hope to see you again very soon.

Graduation Class

Fuko is graduating today from our Elementary class. He is flying back to Japan very soon to continue her studies.
Fuko had a great time here with us and we hope to see her again next year. Safe travels.

Yumiko Class

Yumiko is graduating from our Pre-Intermediate class. Her teacher Melinda said it has been a pleasure teaching her, she is always kind to everyone and she has improved her speaking. Yumiko is going to be working on the Sunshine Coast full-time. We wish her the best! We hope to see her again.


Jeniffer Graduation

Jeniffer from Upper-Intermediate class is graduating today. She will continue to work on the Sunshine Coast we are sure we will see her around the Sunny Coast.


Congratulations to our graduates! Well done!


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