Sunshine Coast – Graduation – 11 November

Today at Lexis Sunshine Coast, we are saying goodbye to Tomoki, Monique, Miyu, Misaki, Mari and Riki

Graduation Sunshine Coast

















Today we are celebrating Mari’s graduation day, we had a lot of tears, but Mari assured us she will be back in Australia soon. Our Pre-Intermediate students are going to miss Mari so much. Congratulations! We hope to see you very soon!

Graduation Sunshine Coast

















Misaki, Miyu, Monique and Tomoki are graduating today from Upper-Intermediate. Misaki has been with us for about four months, and she has improved her English skills so much. Miyu, the surfer, will be missed, she will be staying on the Sunshine Coast for a bit so we will see her around. Monique is moving to Gold Coast to study cookery, today she made us a delicious carrot cake to celebrate her graduation day. We wish you all the best Monique in your future career! Tomoki has been with us for six months, Heidi his teacher said it has been a pleasure to have him in class, he is an example of perseverance, and he has improved so much his English skills. Tomoki is going to Tasmania, Sydney and Melbourne before going back to Japan. We wish him the best and safe travels back home!

Graduation Sunshine Coast



Graduation Sunhsine Coast






























Riki from our Pre-Intermediate class is sad to leave Lexis, he had a great time with his classmates and also with her teacher Patricia. He will be missed! We wish you the best for your next adventure Riki.


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