Sunshine Coast – Graduating Students – 24 March

Friday is graduation day at Lexis, this week we’re sad to say goodbye to 12 students.

Today we said goobye to Marcielly, Bianca & Joao from Brazil, Atsushi & Rina from Japan, Enny from Honduras, Jose & Daniel from Colombia, Roger from El Salvador, and Niwat & Nantiya from Thailand!

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Marcielly: Marcielly leaves from our Intermediate class, after 24 weeks at Lexis, she has worked so hard & we can’t wait to see what she gets up to next! All the best, Marcielly!

Atsushi: Atsushi joined us for only 2 short weeks, but has been an active participant in Salims Pre-Intermediate PM class! We’re sad to see him go.

Bianca: Bianca has been the life and soul of the Advanced class, after studying with us for 34 weeks, we’re going to miss Bianca’s infection laugh & enthusiasm. She has worked very hard during her time at Lexis and we thank her and wish her all the best for her future!

Enny: Enny has worked hard to improve all of her skills! After spending 24 weeks with us we are definitely going to miss her presence in the campus. She has progressed nicely and is graduating from Maria’s Upper Intermediate class!

Jose: Jose departs from Heidi’s Advanced class, after spending 12 weeks at Lexis, we congratulate him on his achievements both in General English & the Cambridge course! All the best with your future, Jose.

Roger: It was great having Roger in the Upper Intermediate class for a short while. He contributed to the class nicely with his very positive attitude, sense of humor & enthusiasm for discussions! Safe travels and best of luck for your next chapter!

Rina: Rina’s sweet & kind energy will be missed greatly, it has been a pleasure getting to know her over the 12 weeks she has been at Lexis. She is a very hardworking student who makes valuable contributions to the class discussions, and encourages other students to practice their English skills in casual conversation. Best of luck for the future, Rina!

Ladina: Ladina, you have made great progress in all your skills in the 11 weeks you’ve studied at Lexis! You have contributed greatly to the culture here at Lexis & have been a valued contribution in class, and during our afternoon activities! Safe travels & all the best.

Daniel: Daniel graduates from the Intermediate class after spending 24 weeks with us! He has worked hard, and his speaking and listening skills have improved greatly during his time here! We hope you continue to study English, and wish you all the best for your future!

Nantiya: Nantiya has been with us for only 2 weeks, it has been a pleasure having her in the Intermediate class. Best wishes for everything in the future, Nantiya!

Niwat: It has been really nice to have Niwat in the Beginner class, Patricia has commented on the huge improvement in his confidence and speaking over the 2 weeks he has been with us. We hope he continues to practice his English! All the best, Niwat!

Joao: Joao has been with us for 24 weeks! He has performed well in both the Advanced General English & the Cambridge course. He has been very dedicated to his studies & we wish him all the best with his future plans!

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