Students of the week

Global Village is renowned for its multiculturalism and mix of nationalities. 


This week GV Noosa gets up close and personal with students Csaba from Hungary, Beatrice from Spain and Jonathan from Belgium.

Csaba says, “Noosa is a lovely town and I fell in love with this city from the first moment I arrived.  I am enjoying the studies.  People here speak good English and it makes it easy for me to understand.  The people are very friendly and nice.”

Jonathan warmly stated, “Global Village Noosa is a friendly environment.  I’m here to learn English and discover the country and culture of Australia.”

Beatrice was very excited to tell us how she came to visit and study in Noosa: 

“My brother Juan Cobo said to me that Noosa is a beautiful place for learning to surf, learning English, making friends and enjoying the wildlife.  My Brother is a very special brother.  He used to study at GV Noosa and then went back to Spain.  He recommended to learn English in Noosa.  He flew back with me to Australia to teach me the place for ten days because I’m his younger sister and he likes to look after me.  My brother flew back home to Spain and is now back at work being a fireman. 

Noosa is the best place that I’ve ever seen in my life.  My favourite place is the Noosa National Park.  My brother told me four-wheel driving on the Noosa North Shore is a must do.  I have not done this yet but I will do while I am here. 

I live in a house with other students, two are Australians and three are Korean.  It’s close to the beach and I go surfing and swimming there.  I saw dolphins and yesterday my brother saw whales.  What a pity I didn’t get to see them because I was at college.”

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