Students Bust a Move at Koala Bar

The first Afterdark GV was held at Koala Bar last night with students busting out the dance moves like it was an audition for Lady Gaga back up dancers.


Even though there were five goodbye parties at the Lions Park in the evening, the GV Noosa students still managed to fit all parties in and ended up at one big party at Koala Bar. At the beginning of the night, Mark from Tribal Travel taught some students how to play pool and sip a beer during the game like a real Aussie! Canadian ladies who were dressed up for Canada Day painted the students with flags and maples. The beer was flowing, the songs were uplifting and the students were smiling. As midnight approached and the ugly lights turned on, the students said their goodbyes and went home to get up bright and early for school the next day… well that’s what they tell their teachers!


Keep checking the blog, the notice board, presentation room TV and have a chat to Cindy to find out where the Afterdark GV party will be next Thursday night. Lots more drink and food specials, prize giveaways, experiences and good Aussie partying times to be had!

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