Should I Take a Cambridge Course?

Today we said good-bye and good luck to several Cambridge classes who finished their courses! 

Are you thinking about taking a Cambridge course next? Read what we have to say about Cambridge classes and see if it’s right for you!


Cambridge exam courses will help prepare you for Cambridge exams, including:

  • PET (B1- intermediate)
  • FCE (B2- upper intermediate)
  • CAE (C1- advanced)
  • CPE (C2- proficient)

If you pass the exam, it means you now have an official document that shows the level of English you have achieved. If you do extremely well on the exam, you will have proof you are actually one level higher than the test you took! But only one level. You can’t take PET and get a certificate that says C2!

Students choose the exam most suited to their level and they are tested on all 4 skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. For more information on the different exams, you can click on them above. 

Students take exams for a huge variety of reasons, and some of those include: 

  • University entrance 
  • Immigration
  • Studying abroad
  • Job application
  • A more challenging English course 
  • Wanting official certification of their English level 
  • Because they can! 

Cambridge courses usually teach more intensive grammar and vocabulary, writing skills for the types of writing on the test (essay, article, proposal, letter, etc.), test-taking strategies and time management in exam tasks. The topics covered are usually more academic, especially in the higher levels. 

Read what some former Cambridge students had to say about their course:

I really like that we were a small class and that our teacher corrected many mistakes while we were speaking. 

I like my teacher’s teaching method and the extra exercises which she gives to us.

I found all the material excellent. I liked everything!

Brigitta Fce

Cambridge also has some great free resources you can use to prepare to take a Cambridge course or while you’re in one! Try the website or the app below. 

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