Sunshine Coast – Pleasant Picnic in the Park – 13 September

Picnic in the Park!

Our students enjoyed some yummy snacks on a pleasant afternoon in the beautiful Cotton Tree Park!

Did you know there is a record for the world’s largest picnic? On a summer’s day in Portugal, 22232 people attended!

Picnics are like nature’s grand buffet! Where snacks are adored, and ants are the tiniest uninvited guests! Picnics offer a pleasant escape from the routine of indoor life, they allow us to connect with nature and offer a break from the hustle and bustle. A perfect space is created for relaxation and to spend quality time with friends. For our picnic in the park, the sun shone beautifully through the leaves and the student’s laughter filled the park with joy. The students spent the afternoon enjoying some yummy snacks and sharing stories with their classmates.

Check out these happy faces:

Pleasant Picnic In The Park

Picnic Squad!

Picnic In The Park 1

New friends are made 🙂

Picnic In The Park 3

Snack Time! Of course, Tim Tams!

Picnic In The Park 4


Picnic In The Park 5


Our students had a fun time relaxing, snacking and chatting on this pleasant afternoon the park! We look forward to the next time!

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