Out and About Starts Next Monday

Out and About Option is designed to maximise communication in a real life environment.

Available this round, to pre-intermediate and intermediate levels, choose this option if you have strong grammar and writing but need to lift your conversational skills.  

9am to 12pm  Students meet their teacher and prepare for and then participate in an exciting activity to promote vocabulary building, listening skills and speaking confidence. Activities include; visiting Australian TAFE colleges, river boat cruise, masterchef experience, travel industry experience, golf, beach games, local markets and our famous National Park.  Each activity has a vocabulary/fluency area focus that will need to be prepared for. So, extra homework but lot’s of extra fun!

1pm to 3pm Students have a two hour intensive session based on the usual morning unit.    Progress tests and  homework continue normal. At the end of three weeks, students rejoin their normal morning class.

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