Noosa – Wine and cheese tasting – 24th October

Last Friday we combined the two most delicious things, wine and cheese.

For our activity last week, our Student Services Coordinator Kira organised wine and cheese tasting for the students. It was a great turn out and a perfect way to end the week.

There was a selection of 4 wines and a choice of apple juice for those wanting something non-alcoholic and a selection of 4 different types of cheese.

Wine And Cheese 1

The selection of wine included: a French Rose, Tasmanian Pinot Noir, South Australian Sav Blanc, a Chardonnay from Western Australia and of course a non-alcoholic choice of apple juice.

The selection of cheese included: double brie, Swiss cheese, blue cheese and soft cheddar.

The Sav Blanc was a clear favourite, along with the brie cheese, however each student had their own opinion on the different flavours.

Wine And Cheese

It was a lovely afternoon and a perfect opportunity for the students to chat and meet new people. We had some great conversations and a lot of laughs.

Overall, wine and cheese tasting was a success and the students loved the relaxed vibe before heading into the weekend.


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