Noosa – Thrilling Learn-To-Surf Lesson – 30th August

Riding the Waves of Adventure: Lexis Students Embrace Surfing in Noosa!

It’s that time of the month again when we do our most favourite activity – Learn to Surf!!

For Wednesday’s activity, 14 of our courageous students got out of their comfort zone and participated in Merricks Learn to Surf in Noosa!


The sunny beaches of Noosa have always been a great place for people who want a mix of beautiful nature and exciting outdoor fun! It’s not just about the pretty beaches and green countryside. At Lexis English Noosa, students get to experience something special. They can learn English while trying the thrilling sport of surfing!

Noosa’s vibrant atmosphere encourages stepping out of one’s comfort zone, and what better way to do that than to learn an exhilarating sport? Merrick’s Learn to Surf Lessons, offers students the chance to master surfing under the guidance of experienced instructors. The transition from textbooks to surfboards introduces an element of excitement and adventure, making the learning process truly unforgettable.


Merrick taught the students how to paddle, stand up, and ride a wave.

Paddling is an essential skill that you need to learn as it is the primary way to get out to the waves and onto them. To begin with Merrick showed the students to lie on the board and use their arms to paddle.

Standing up is the most exciting part of surfing, but it is also the most challenging. Merrick then guided the students through the process of popping up from your stomach to your feet. He taught us how to position our feet and shift our weight to maintain our balance.

Once the students mastered the basics, they hit the water and started riding some waves! The instructors were there with the students every step of the way, helping them to position themselves correctly and gave them feedback on their techniques. They also taught us about safety in the water, including identifying rips and currents, spotting for dangerous hazards like rocks, how to avoid collisions with other surfers and how to stay safe in the surf zone.

Surfing5 Surfing3 Surfing1The students were absolute naturals at surfing and most of them even stood up on their very first wave! They had such good balance that they could ride the waves all the way into the beach.


Learning to surf is a journey marked by determination, patience, and a willingness to embrace challenges. This group of students discovered that riding the waves parallels their language-learning journey – both require perseverance and a positive mindset. As they paddled out into the surf, they understood the importance of balance and adaptability – skills that extend beyond the ocean and into their everyday lives.

No textbook can capture the lessons that nature teaches. Lexis students are not just learning to surf; they’re learning about the ocean’s rhythm, its power, and its subtleties.The shared experience of learning to surf in a foreign country creates a unique bond among students. Friendships are formed as they cheer each other on, offer tips and encouragement, and celebrate each triumph together.

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