Noosa – Surprise Easter Bunny Visit – 6th March

Our student services team here at Lexis Noosa, surprised all of our students in their classrooms this morning and handed out Easter eggs!

As the Easter long weekend is about to commence, student services team members Kira and Skyla, got into the Easter spirit by dressing up as bunnies. They hopped their way around to each classroom with a basket of eggs and handed out Easter chocolates to each student before we all went on our long weekends.

Being away from home can be challenging, especially when it comes to festive holidays and celebrations. Therefore, Kira and Skyla tried their best to bring Easter to Australia for our students and make them all feel special!

Easter4 Easter

Even the reception got dressed up this week, so everyone knew Easter was coming! We put a banner up, some decorations on the reception desk and had a full basket of eggs for the students to help themselves too.

Easter6 Easter5

The Easter Bunnies visited all of our General English classes, IELTS, PSGT (Premium Small Group Training) and even the Cambridge classes that were having a lovely BBQ in the park together. We made sure every single student got a visit from the bunnies with surprise chocolates eggs.

Bbq Bbq3 Easter11

The students loved their surprise visit during class! Everyone was smiling, laughing and were taking lots of photos on their phones of us and with us! It was a great Thursday afternoon to finish the school week and an even better start to their long weekends!



From Lexis English Noosa, we wish everyone a very happy Easter and an amazing long weekend!!!

We will see everyone back at school on Tuesday.


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