Noosa – Surfing Lesson – 20th January

On Friday, our students went surfing!

Surfing is a very popular sport in Australia, especially in tropical Queensland where the beaches are beautiful, and the weather is nice all year round! Our surfing lessons are always a very popular activity, it’s a great way to get the full experience of Noosa.


On Friday, some of our students had a surfing lesson on Noosa beach! It was the perfect afternoon for surfing! Many of the students had never surfed before so they were taught the basic techniques to start with. The instructors taught them how to paddle, how to catch a wave and how to stand on the board.

Surfing 1

After they were explained the basics, they then got to practice in the water! Some of the students said that surfing was harder than it looks, others were naturals at it! Most of the students were even able to catch a wave!

Surfing 2

Overall, the students had so much fun learning to surf and enjoyed spending time with their friends at the same time.


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