Noosa – Student Graduation – 21st October

This week we are saying goodbye to 7 of our lovely students.

Students are constantly coming and going here at Lexis English, we love the hello’s but not so much the goodbyes. Friday is our graduation day and today we are sadly seeing 7 of our students leave us. Intermediate Photo

From the Intermediate class, Roger will be leaving us to travel around Australia. His first stop is Cairns.

Upper Grad Photo

From the Upper Intermediate class, we have Matthias and Luis leaving. Luis has been a long-term student and will stay in Australia for a little bit.

Matthias has been with us for a short time but has contributed well in class, so he will be missed by everyone.

Advanced Grad Photo

From the Advanced class, we are saying goodbye to 4 of our lovely students. We have only had the pleasure of having Jan and Gesa for a week before they do some travelling up North in Cairns.

We also said goodbye to Anna who has only been here for a short time but will be missed by the teacher Anette and the rest of the students, Anna was very sad to be leaving us.

Last but not least, we are farewelling Omar who has been with us for a while. He is off to experience other parts of Australia. He says Noosa is beautiful, but he can’t wait to see more of Australia’s beauty.

The Lexis Noosa team has enjoyed watching each of the students improve their English and we wish all of our graduating students the very best for their future.



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