Noosa – Making delicious sushi – 10th October

On Friday our students got to make sushi!

On Friday, our students made sushi with Kira and Aya, who is a student from Japan. Aya makes sushi for her family back home in Japan, so she is an expert! She did an amazing job at preparing the ingredients and assisting the students to roll the sushi.

Sushi Activity 3

The ingredients were placed on the table so the students could make their sushi with their preferred fillings. The filling options included avocado, cucumber, lettuce, canned tuna, fresh tuna and fresh salmon with a choice of condiments including, kewpie mayo, wasabi, vinegar and soy sauce.

Sushi Activity 1

Some of the students had made sushi before, for others it was their first time.

Sushi Activity

To make sushi, you first place the sushi laver (or seaweed), on the mat before spreading the rice over the sheet so that it is an even spread. Next, you simply add the preferred fillings before getting ready to roll. Each separate filling must be placed in a line to make individual rows.

To roll the sushi, start at the end with the fillings closest to you and hold the edge of the mat with your thumbs. Fold over once and tuck the front edge of the nori into the roll. Remove the mat and continue this until the sushi roll is completed. Sushi Activity 2

Rolling the sushi was the most challenging part but our students had so much fun and enjoyed eating it even more.

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