Noosa – Lexis English Students Shining Bright at Noosa’s Sand Sculpture Competition – 23 August

Sand Sculpture Competition in the Shining Shores of Noosa.

The pristine beaches of Noosa, Australia, are known for their crystal-clear waters, gentle waves, and shining sand.

This Wednesday, Noosa’s Main Beach shore was transformed into a canvas for artistic expression, as students from Lexis English took part in a sand sculpture competition. This unique event not only showcases the students’ creativity and teamwork but also embodies the spirit of cross-cultural collaboration.

Students were divided into 6 teams: Sunrise, Sunset, Sand, Surf, Sunshine and Ocean.

Each group chose a different theme, divided tasks – such as collecting water and measuring the building area – and then literally started digging!

Here are some highlights of this fun and sunny Wednesday afternoon:





They were each given an hour and a half to craft their sand sculptures. Once they completed their creations, their subsequent objective involved inviting beachgoers to participate in a voting process for their preferred artwork. It was truly heartwarming to witness them engrossed in conversations, elucidating their sculptures to various individuals, especially children who displayed immense enthusiasm while casting their votes.




Here are some of the artworks they created:


Star Fish



Sea Turtle

Shining Bright At The Sand Sculpture Competition

The winner of today’s competition was team Sand! Ryan-Chen, Anlita, Julius, Coco and Rei worked really hard to make sure their Shark project would grant them the highest spot in the podium.

Their effort was rewarded with a refreshing beverage from Boost Juice


The sand sculpture contest in Noosa shows how powerful human creativity and connection can be. With detailed sand designs, shared laughter, and valuable lessons, Lexis English students enhance both language skills and their grasp of different cultures. It’s more than just sculptures – it’s about the lasting stories, friendships, and memories that remain even after the tides have swept the sand away.

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