Noosa – Fun Learn to Surf Lesson – 19th April

It’s that time of the month again where we do our most favourite activity – Learn to Surf!!

For Wednesday’s activity, 9 of our courageous students got out of their comfort zone and participated in Merricks Learn to Surf in Noosa!


The temperature is starting to cool down this time of the year, so we thought we’d squeeze in a couple more surf lessons in our boardshorts and bikini’s before wetsuits are needed! This beautiful Autumn weather makes for perfect days at the beach and although yesterday was overcast, the ocean water is still warm and actually nicer in than out of the water.

Learning to surf in Noosa is an exciting and memorable experience for anyone who loves the ocean and adventure. With its beautiful beaches, clear warm waters, and consistent gentle waves, Noosa is an ideal location to learn how to surf. Noosa has a vibrant local surfing community, made up of surfers of all ages and abilities. Many locals have grown up surfing in Noosa and have a deep connection to the town’s surfing culture.

Cyclone Ilsa, a category 5 cyclone that just hit Western Australia, has produced big swells and dreamy waves along the whole East Coast of Australia currently. Therefore, our students got lucky, as they got some of the best surfing conditions for beginners learning to surf. The wind was blowing lightly offshore, and the waves were a perfect size, they were gentle and extremely consistent.


Merricks Learn to Surf School run 2 hour lessons for people of all ages and experience levels. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced surfer, you’ll enjoy a structured class by 2x Australian and World Pro-Am Champion, Merrick, and his elite team of world-class coaches. With their new technology, quality surf boards and teaching techniques you’ll be provided with the skills, drills and style you need to stand up during your first lesson.

Merrick taught the students how to paddle, stand up, and ride a wave.

Paddling is an essential skill that you need to learn as it is the primary way to get out to the waves and onto them. To begin with Merrick showed the students to lie on the board and use their arms to paddle.

Standing up is the most exciting part of surfing, but it is also the most challenging. Merrick then guided the students through the process of popping up from your stomach to your feet. He taught us how to position our feet and shift our weight to maintain our balance.

Once the students mastered the basics, they hit the water and started riding some waves! The instructors were there with the students every step of the way, helping them to position themselves correctly and gave them feedback on their techniques. They also taught us about safety in the water, including identifying rips and currents, spotting for dangerous hazards like rocks, how to avoid collisions with other surfers and how to stay safe in the surf zone.

The students were absolute naturals at surfing and most of them even stood up on their very first wave! They had such good balance that they could ride the waves all the way into the beach.

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Learning to surf is a fun and rewarding experience and a sport that is easily addictive!  The students were all having so much fun as you can tell by the smiles on their faces and endless laughter out in the water!

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