Noosa – Friday Fun Day Scavenger Hunt – 9th September

Today Teacher Rob took the Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate students on a scavenger hunt.

The students were asked to get into teams and were given a list of tasks to complete within a time limit. Each task was worth a different amount of points depending on the difficulty of the task and they were required to get photo proof of each task that was completed. The team with the most points when the time was up, won the challenge. Scavenger Hunt

The students had so much fun completing all the tasks and it was a great opportunity to explore the beautiful town of Noosa at the same time. Scavenger Hunt 1

We saw a lot of smiles and laughing from the students during the scavenger hunt! 
Scavenger Hunt 2

The end results were tied and so the final winner came down to a technical decision, it was very close! Teacher Rob was feeling generous so each of the teams received a packet of Tim Tam’s for their efforts, which are a famous Australian sweet snack, and the winning team won TWO packets!

Overall, it was a very fun ending to the week and the students had a blast!


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