Noosa – Farewell to our Amazing Graduates – 24th March

Today, we are congratulating 10 amazing graduates and are celebrating their hard work during their courses at Lexis Noosa.

This afternoon, 12 of our General English students finished their courses and 1 student from IELTS. We celebrated all of our students for their hard work and dedication throughout their time here. We have loved seeing each of these students improve their English skills and are excited for them to continue on using everything they have learnt here.

This week, we said goodbye to our General English students Carla, Fantine, Leonie, Hirokazu, Kanako, Dominik, Sven, Amika, Mallory, Carlos, Yui and Rosaria.

We also celebrated with Cyril for finishing his course in IELTS.

Carlos Leonie Amike And Emily 1

Advanced students Amika, Carlos and Leonie with their teacher Emily. 

Kuroda Rob And Kelly 1

Kanako graduated from Intermediate class with her teachers Rob and Kelly. 

Valentin Rosaria Hirokazu Rob And Natalie 2

Upper Intermediate students Rosaria, Valentin and Hirokazu with their teachers Rob and Natalie. 

Yui And Kelly 1

Yui graduated from Intermediate with her teacher Kelly. 

Cyril Gilles Valentin Graduation 1

Our student, Cyril graduated from IELTS today with his teacher Mila. 

The Lexis Noosa team has enjoyed watching all of these students improve their English and we wish them the very best for their future.

Kudos to you all! From Lexis Noosa

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