Noosa – Congratulating our graduating students – 3rd February

On Friday, six of our amazing General English students graduated from Lexis Noosa.

Friday is graduation day at Lexis where we celebrate and congratulate all of our students that complete their English course. Some of our students will continue to work in Noosa, others will go home and some will stay and travel Australia.

We said goodbye to six of our students: Alix, Lucas, Sara, Haruna, Max and Mizuki.

We have loved seeing each of these students improve their English skills and are excited for them to continue on using everything they have learnt.

Haruna is graduating from the Elementary class. Haruna is a positive student and will be missed by all of her class.

Elementary Grad

Alix is graduating from the Pre-intermediate class. Alix’s English has improved so much in the short time that he has been here.

Pre Int Grad

Mizuki and Sara are graduating from the Upper-intermediate class. It has been wonderful seeing both of these students’ English skills improve in all areas. We wish them all the best for the future!

Upper Int Grad 1

Max and Lucas are graduating from the Advanced class. It has been lovely getting to know max in the week that he was here with us. Lucas has been an attribute in the school and will be missed by the staff and students.

Advanced Grad 1

The Lexis Noosa team has enjoyed watching all of these students improve their English and we wish them the very best for their future.

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