Noosa – Celebrating our graduates – 20th January

On Friday, we celebrated six of our amazing graduating students!

On Friday, 6 of our General English students finished their English courses. We celebrated all of our General English students for their hard work and dedication throughout their time here. We have loved seeing each of these students improve their English skills and are excited for them to continue on using everything they have learnt.

This week, we said goodbye to 6 of our General English students: Nicole, Otavio, Lia, Dewa, Adrian and Paolla. We wish these students all the best as they either venture off back home or to do some more travelling around Australia.

Nicole is graduating from the Upper intermediate class. She has been a great student in class and we wish her all the best on her travels.

Nicole Grad

Otavio and Lia are graduating from the Cambridge FCE class. Otavio’s friendly personality will be missed by his classmates and the staff here at Noosa, we have all loved watching his English improve over his time at Lexis. Lia has been a delight to have in class and we have enjoyed watching Lia improve her English.

Fce Grad

Dewa is graduating from the CPE class. Dewa will be missed by many students and has made a lovely addition to his classes.

Fce Grad 2

Adrian and Paolla are graduating from the Adanced class. Although it has been a short time for both of them, we have enjoyed getting to know Adrian and Paolla at our school.

Advanced Grad 1

The Lexis Noosa team has enjoyed watching all of these students improve their English and we wish them the very best for their future.


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