Noosa – Australia Day Activities – 26th January

Last week our student had fun with our Australian themed activities!

January 26th is the day that Australians celebrate Australia Day so last week, we held Australian themed activities to celebrate. On Wednesday, the students tasted Australian food and on Friday they enjoyed a game of backyard cricket!

The students loved experiencing more of the Australian culture!

The Australian food tasting was very popular. The students were able to try a range of different foods that are famous in Australia.

Aussie Food

On the tasting table, there were a range of savoury and sweet foods.

Pods: A caramel chocolate coated in a hard biscuit shell. A very popular sweet snack in Australia.

Fairy Bread: A childhood classic Australian party food, bread with butter and 100’s and 1000’s.

Lamingtons: A sponge cake coated in chocolate and coconut.

Tim Tams: A very famous biscuit in Australia, coating in chocolatey goodness.

Shapes: These are a classic Australian biscuit that come in many flavors, here we have the two most popular flavours – Barbeque and Pizza.

Party pies: A very popular savoury party snack in Australia. A meat pie but in mini sized servings.

Vegemite on toast: A controversial breakfast spread that Australia is famous for. It’s a very salty spread that goes on bread.

Aussie Food 1 Aussie Food 2

The students’ favourites were the fairy bread and pods. The vegemite on toast was definitely the most contested food for the afternoon, some liked the taste and others not so much.

On Friday, we played some backyard cricket in the park!

Backyard cricket is a much loved game in Australia that is played at gatherings, barbeques or on bigger events such as Christmas.

Cricket 1

In Australia, you can get plastic cricket sets that come with wickets, a bat and a ball. Most families in Australia would have a cricket set. We took the cricket set to the park and the students enjoyed a game of cricket. Backyard cricket is less of a competitive game and more of a fun, casual game.

Cricket 2

Our students had so much fun learning how to play and getting into the Aussie spirit!

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