Noosa – A Celebration of Success – 5th January

6 wonderful students graduate from Lexis English Noosa to celebrate their success!

As the sun sets on another academic chapter, Lexis English Noosa proudly celebrates the accomplishments of six dedicated students who have completed their studies and are ready to embark on new adventures. Their journey at Lexis English Noosa has been filled with language mastery, cultural experiences, and personal growth. Let’s take a moment to reflect on this significant milestone and celebrate the achievements of these inspiring individuals.

  1. Language Triumphs: These six graduates have not only embraced the challenge of learning a new language but have excelled in their linguistic pursuits. From mastering the intricacies of grammar to confidently expressing themselves in both written and spoken English, their language journey at Lexis English Noosa has been nothing short of remarkable.
  2. Cultural Immersion: Lexis English Noosa is not just a language school; it’s a hub of cultural exchange. The graduates have not only improved their language skills but have also immersed themselves in the rich cultural tapestry of Noosa. From local excursions to participating in community events, these students have gained a deeper understanding of the Australian way of life.
  3. Ties That Bind: Friendships forged during their time at Lexis English Noosa will undoubtedly last a lifetime. The close-knit community fostered within the school has provided a support system that goes beyond the classroom. As these graduates move forward, they carry with them the bonds created during countless study sessions, shared laughs, and cultural adventures.
  4. Academic Excellence: The academic journey at Lexis English Noosa is one of rigor and excellence. The graduates have not only met but exceeded the academic standards set by the school. Their commitment to their studies and the pursuit of knowledge is evident in their achievements, reflecting the high standards upheld at Lexis English Noosa.
  5. Personal Growth: Beyond academics, Lexis English Noosa is a platform for personal development. These six students have not only honed their language skills but have also grown as individuals. The challenges they faced and overcame during their time at the school have contributed to their resilience, adaptability, and a broader worldview.
  6. Future Endeavors: As these graduates bid farewell to Lexis English Noosa, they step into a world of opportunities. Equipped with language proficiency, cultural awareness, and a global perspective, they are well-prepared to face the challenges and embrace the possibilities that await them in their future endeavors.
Malena from France:

Malena from France recently completed 16 weeks of General English Full Time at Lexis English Noosa, achieving an Upper-Intermediate level. Despite her quiet demeanor, Malena excelled in her studies and actively participated in all social activities on Wednesdays and Fridays. Her commitment to both academics and social engagement showcases her as a well-rounded and successful graduate. Congratulations to Malena on her achievements!

Gustavo (Guga) from Brazil:

Gustavo, affectionately known as Guga, hailing from Brazil, has successfully graduated from Lexis English Noosa after an impressive 40 weeks of study. Beginning his journey in the Elementary level, he concluded at the Upper-Intermediate stage, culminating his last week in an IELTS class. Guga, with his friendly and outgoing personality, has endeared himself to everyone at Lexis. His willingness to help others and his natural ability to befriend everyone has created a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We will miss Guga and sincerely hope he will visit us again, bringing his infectious positivity back to Lexis English Noosa.


Kiriko from Japan:

Kiriko, hailing from Japan, has successfully graduated from Lexis English Noosa after completing 12 weeks, reaching the Upper-Intermediate class. Not only a diligent student, but Kiriko is also a beautiful soul, known for her kindness towards others. As she takes the next steps in her journey, we extend our heartfelt wishes for all the best in her future endeavors. We hope to see Kiriko again one day, as her presence will be missed at Lexis English Noosa.

Saori from Japan:

Saori, a delightful soul from Japan, has completed her 17-week journey at Lexis English, progressing from Elementary to Intermediate levels. Beyond her academic achievements, Saori is truly one of the most beautiful humans on this planet, radiating kindness and care for others like no other. Her infectious smile brightens any room, making her the most lovable and friendly student. Saori’s dedication to learning is evident through her hard work and active participation in all activities. As she graduates, everyone at Lexis English will deeply miss Saori and her beautiful personality. She deserves nothing but the best in this world, mirroring the best she gives to those around her.


Rinko from Japan:

Rinko from Japan has accomplished remarkable achievements during her 17 weeks at Lexis Noosa, successfully graduating with us. A dedicated and determined student, Rinko completed 4 weeks in the Upper-Intermediate level before embarking on an impressive over 3-month journey in the challenging IELTS course. Her tenacity sets her apart, making her a standout achiever. Beyond her academic prowess, Rinko’s kindness and friendliness shine through; she’s always ready to lend a helping hand or engage in a cheerful conversation. As Rinko sets her sights on the next chapter, planning to work in Uluru during the upcoming tourist season, we will genuinely miss her at Lexis Noosa but wish her all the best in her continued journey of passion and hard work.


Hiroki from Japan:

Hiroki, a standout student, is graduating from Lexis English in Noosa after a remarkable 8 weeks of study. Displaying rapid progress, he journeyed from the beginner class through elementary, ultimately finishing in the pre-intermediate level. Hiroki’s warm and humorous personality has endeared him to many at Lexis, making him a cherished member of the community. As he embarks on the next chapter, we extend our heartfelt wishes for all the best to Hiroki.


Lexis Noosa takes immense pride in the accomplishments of these six graduates. Their time at the school has been a transformative experience, marked by academic achievements, cultural immersion, and personal growth. As they toss their graduation caps into the air, we wish them success in all their future endeavors, confident that they are ready to conquer new horizons armed with the knowledge and experiences gained at Lexis Noosa.

Congratulations to this first group of graduating students of 2024!

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